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- Joan Shaver, LMFT


One is not born,

rather becomes,

a woman.

–  Simone De Beauvoir

Wonder Of Women  

We support you to become the woman you are meant to be.   – Joan

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Feminine presence is balance in action.


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About the Book

You should do the thing

you think you cannot do.

–   Eleanor Roosevelt

Lipstick and Soul 

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Lipstick and Soul addresses the challenge to women finding their voice, which starts with the question, “Which character strategy do you identify with the most?  If you don’t know the answer to this question, it is difficult to create a practice of self-care that meets your needs.” 

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Inspirational Content

I am a woman


all else.  

   – Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis

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When it comes to women and relationships, especially the one you have with yourself, it is sometimes difficult to give yourself the time you need to blossom.  Here are some thoughts on how to turn this around and thus continue your renewal process.  

Power of Presence


PAUSE  Think about giving yourself an extra moment each day to check in with yourself.   

OBSERVE  What do you notice when you take the time to be with yourself?  Maybe you unconsciously let out a breath.        

PROCESS  Like looking at yourself in the mirror one last time before you go out for the evening, practice the power of feminine presence by taking a moment now and then to notice the quality of the relationship connection you have with yourself.  With awareness comes change. Notice how gently checking in with yourself unfolds, expands, your capacity for self-awareness.      


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