Quick Lipstick and Soul Beauty Refresher

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“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ”                                                                                                                                              – Lao Tzu

– Be Kind With Yourself –

Simple acts of kindness have the power to shift a sagging mood, drawn face, or dampened spirit. Why not use this wonderful natural pick-me-up to your advantage?  

All it takes is a change in focus.

Give to yourself what you give to others. Kind self-acknowledgement is helpful when you feel depleted, insignificant, or in the throws of negative self-talk.

When your self-talk is less than loving, you are not living in the right story about who you are authentically and it shows externally.  A lack of self-kindness leaves your face looking pinched, taut, tight.  No amount of moisturizer will hide the stress lines associated with dimming your light. 

Use feminine power to give yourself a face lift.

One Minute Lipstick and Soul Beauty Refresher

* Turn your gaze inward, toward your heart.  (Imagine gazing into the eyes of someone you deeply care about and who needs to know they matter.) 

* Imagine your heart to be welcoming.

* Take a moment to receive, feel the warmth of your heart. 

* Breathe deeply a couple of times. 

* Then quietly say the words, “YES, I am worthy of kindness.”  

* For more impact, put your hand over your heart. 

Activate the power of feminine presence.

To further strengthen the feminine, I invite you integrate the following intent into a daily power of presence practice by saying the words,    

“I show myself the kindness I give to others, or wish others would show me.”  

EXCELLENT. You are beautiful. Repeat this beauty refresher as needed.  

More About Your #1 Beauty Refresher.  

The one minute beauty refresher instantly creates a re-frame for the way you hold yourself.  The action of turning toward yourself, as opposed to looking outward and waiting for others to fulfill your heart’s desire is a sure-fire authentic confidence builder.      


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