How to be Strong Emotionally


Self-compassion goes along with pondering the idea of how to be strong emotionally. The Dalai Lama might say it best when he says, “One must be COMPASSIONATE to oneself BEFORE external compassion.” Doesn’t he validate putting yourself first?

When the needs of your woman-self are not a priority, you wither away. To avoid going to seed, keep the words, how to be strong emotionally top of mind. The words themselves propel the brain into a state of curiosity, an alive and dynamic state.

When you link the words how to be strong emotionally with the steps below, you actively build resilience and emotional strength.


  1. When you find yourself on the edge of emotionally withering away, you know that sinking feeling, ponder your thought prompt, how to be strong emotionally. Do so without having to have an answer. Awareness can keep you on solid ground.

  3. To give yourself a boost and restore passionate energy, find a fight song that resonates, uplifts you

  5. Sing this song at the top of your lungs; possibly car windows rolled up. I like the main refrain from Alicia Keys’ song, “This girl is on fire….”.

  7. Another way to be strong emotionally is to practice not giving away all your energy to others. Look at the flower in the photo. Use it as a reminder to save a petal for yourself!



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Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

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