Setting boundaries in relationships


Taking on the responsibility for setting boundaries in relationships to protect your woman-self-care practice is crucial. It makes the difference between a woman who values and knows how to utilize the power in feminine presence and one who does not.

Setting boundaries in relationships is, however, an acquired skill that takes practice. This is especially true when you are new to cultivating a woman-self-care practice. The reason being is most women tend to default to the needs of others first.

So, setting boundaries in relationships is difficult, especially in relationships, like family, where people are not used to putting your needs first. No one likes it when you upset the apple cart. When this occurs, it is common to turn back to old ways. Don’t do it. Keep your gaze forward.

To avoid overwhelm when setting boundaries in relationships, let’s bite-size it. Do so by asking yourself the following simple “yes” or “no” questions, 

  1. Consider protecting the vulnerable part of yourself that you are opening up.
  2. Who will I say “yes” to?
  3. Who will I say “no” to?
  4. What activities will I say “yes” too?
  5. What activities will I say “no” to?

Depending on the moment, does the situation require a Yes? or a No? Which will it be?

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Empower the Feminine!

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