Make a Stand

Time to receive your final Beauty Refresher. To ensure you benefit fully from the series Be Beautiful, make a stand to do just that! Follow the Lipstick and Soul motto Be Bold Be Beautiful Be True to Yourself. Let yourself be a woman of value. Permit yourself to shine fully, to let your voice be heard. Authentic feminine presence is a charismatic state of being. It is a gift given to all of us. It is up to us to open up the gift. 

“I would LIKE to BE known as an INTELLIGENT woman, a COURAGEOUS woman, a LOVING woman, a WOMAN who teaches by BEING.”

– Maya Angelou

Make a Stand to keep the truth of a few simple thoughts in mind.

  1. Realize you were born to actualize your most beautiful self.
  2. From the inside out, allow yourself to be the woman you were born to be.
  3. Make a stand and decide daily to love yourself.
  4. Let us support your journey to become whole.
  5. Keep opening the emails you signed up for and receive the support you deserve.


Copyright 2021© Joan Shaver, LMFT

Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

You Have the Power

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