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Joan shaver lmft - author and public speaker


Joan strongly believes the most important relationship you have is the relationship you have with yourself.

After years in a successful private practice, Joan knows that when you are in sync with your best self, the quality of your relationships thrive.

Her goal is to help clients work through barriers associated with relationship power struggles, communication issues, anxiety and stress management linked to transitions that are part of personal development and relationship optimization.

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Lipstick and Soul


Women’s Issues

With regard to women, her focus is to help women both single and in relationships achieve the emotional intimacy, peace, and balance they seek, first within themselves and then with those they care about.   

Retreats/Workshops: Women’s Empowerment

Through twenty years of conducting workshops both locally and in the Hawaiian Islands, Joan has come to realize that what has been missing for women is a harmonious paradigm of renewal, one congruent with the feminine experience. 

Without a concept of responsible self-care based on a solid foundation of self-nurturing, a feminine paradigm of change, all efforts to open up and thrive emotionally are limited. 

The fact that women unconsciously undermine themselves in spite of their best efforts to nurture themselves has inspired her to author her book Lipstick and Soul.  In her book, Lipstick and Soul, Joan offers a clear message to women that there is a gentle way to nurture yourself and become the woman you are meant to be…all while remaining in relationship with those you love and care about.   

Public Speaker

Private Practice

Joan has a private practice in Santa Monica, California. She works with individuals and couples. Her positive approach to change encourages clients to open up and thus move beyond emotional and cognitive relationship barriers that contribute to common power struggles that arise when two people do not see eye to eye, breakdown in communication that occurs when self-expression is limited, or perceived as a threat to relationship harmony and stability.  

Most common of all is the annoyance/frustration/stress and anxiety linked to being stuck in out-dated thought/behavior patterns that keep relationships from maturing and thus thriving. 

We grow in relationship.

Because Joan believes we grow in relationship, areas close to her heart include working with singles, couples new in relationship, and or couples who find themselves at an impasse saying the words, “I/we just don’t know what to do. If I/we did, I/we would do it.”

In Joan’s mind, having the courage to admit you don’t know what to do and reaching out for support is a wonderful place to begin anew.


Role reversal:

When issues of power associated with money/time/self-care go unresolved they can cause undue stress on otherwise healthy relationship dynamics.



Advanced certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. With five years of in-depth training in the field of trauma, Joan integrates the necessary subtle mind/body nuances associated with trauma recovery work for those who need it.



Empowering the feminine is one of Joan’s cutting-edge specialties. With her clients, Joan finds that a self-care paradigm based in the reclamation of feminine power allows women to feel more integrated and available for a healthy and well-balanced relationship.  When the dynamic of feminine presence is in place, women find power struggles occur less often and role reversal issues are diminished.

Stress/anxiety reduction: 

The power of inner presence is used as a resource tool to manage stress and anxiety and improve patterns of communication.



Second stage recovery.  Early in her career, Joan worked in the field of alcoholism. She integrates her knowledge and expertise into the work she does and thus offers a comprehensive approach to change for people in recovery.


Life Transitions:

Positive and difficult life transitions associated with normal cycles of life.

What are People Saying about Joan

Joan is known for her firm, clear, yet compassionate approach to helping individuals and couples co-create possibility that leads to optimal conflict resolution and healthy relationship expansion.

Joan is especially known for teaching clients how to see and then work with the nuances associated with deep transformation.

Contact Joan Shaver

Joan can be reached at 1(310) 453-6140.     

She is available for personal/couples therapy, speaking engagements, leading and developing retreats and workshops.

Joan customizes retreats and workshop content to meet the needs of those she works with.     

Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

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