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I wrote Lipstick and Soul to address the multiple challenges women face today, having many roles to juggle all while finding time for themselves. The book written from a personal perspective is based upon caring for a chronically ill husband and my professional experience as a marriage and family therapist in private practice.


Pain provides the possibility.


At a certain point, after spending years focused on caring for my husband whose health became more and more fragile, I began to ask myself, “Where do I, the woman, fit into the picture of all of this caretaking business?” The question was painful to face, let alone to answer.  Would I stay or go?  Ultimately, I found leaving was not an option. I loved my husband.  To be emotionally free, I had to find a way to be true to myself while integrating the loss of the marriage I had always dreamed of. Otherwise, I knew resentment would grow.

The concept of woman-self-care became my North Star. Thus, I stepped foot into uncharted territory. I brought with me the skills I had in my professional toolbox. I leaned on faith and talked with girlfriends. It was not easy. The path, which swung back and forth between the role of caretaker and being my woman-self, as painful as it was, turned out to be enriching. It became a journey filled with gifts that were beyond my imagination. The tips and lessons I learned along the way are those I want to share with you.

The journey in the book.

Lipstick and Soul is a multi-layered journey. It is an invitation to walk your path when you get to the crossroad of not knowing “what to do” or “how to be.” I think of the book as a map to help you take the next step when you feel lost, without answers. It is the place where the Lipstick and Soul journey begins.

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I Want to
Nourish My Soul


Lipstick and Soul is available in eBook and paperback at Amazon.

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Renew the journey that makes the difference.

Allow your desire and efforts to create healthy relationships to take hold and thrive.

Do you need a Mini Retreat?

This mini-retreat is taken directly from the book Lipstick and Soul.

I especially curated this moment for busy women who value their time and have that gnawing feeling they must reconnect with themselves … or else!

A Must-Read Book.

This book should be required reading for any woman who’s ever sacrificed or denied her own needs in favor of pleasing others, appearing self-reliant, constantly being too busy, or feeling overly responsible for others. Through stories, both personal and imaginative, Ms. Shaver establishes a warmth and intimacy that encourages the reader to look deep within her own life to identify her “default strategy” and “blind spot” — two issues that work to prevent women from lovingly connecting to themselves and, ironically, to others.

Epitomizing the words ‘self-help,’ Ms. Shaver uses, among other things, writing prompts and journaling to enable the reader to by-pass her head and engage with her heart, the truest source of every woman’s feminine wisdom. That’s what elevates this book above others of its kind: the opportunity to get to know our authentic nature via the ultimate expert on the subject…ourselves.

Thanks, Ms. Shaver, for pointing the way, and clearing the path.

~ CWManheim

Lipstick and Soul is a tool that can bring you more in touch with your feminine power. The author leads you on a journey of inner work and fun, where she is with you for the ride and makes it feel like she’s a dear friend. The book is more of a workbook that helps you develop an understanding of what feminine power is and how to use it. I love the way the book is laid out with side quotes and different types of segments, throughout making it multi-dimensional and very engaging. You’ll come away with a better connection to your authentic, inner woman.

~ Susan Landa

“You should do the thing
you think you cannot do.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

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