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You should do the thing

you think you cannot do.

–   Eleanor Roosevelt

Lipstick and Soul 

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Lipstick and Soul addresses the challenge to women finding their voice, which starts with the question, “Which character strategy do you identify with the most?  If you don’t know the answer to this question, it is difficult to create a practice of self-care that meets your needs.” 

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For women in relationship, which is the majority of us, this is a difficult question to manage.  The truth is the expectation and pressure to get it all done can cause mild to severe anxiety. 

If you are a perfectionist, than most likely in “Lipstick and Soul” you would be identified as a Go-Getter.


Front Cover of Lipstick and Soul

Front Cover of Lipstick and Soul

Did you know a Go-Getter unconsciously sacrifices relationship      for the sake of pursuing goals, or the perfect picture?  Unfortunately this does not leave room for relationship. Let’s take a look. Take a moment to just contemplate the words Go-Getter.  When this mindset is present relationship is put on back burner.   You believe you will get to “it” when the job is done, except that the job is never done, the to do list is never completed.  The truth is Go-Getter’s actually have a completion barrier.  They have difficulty with the concept enough is enough.    

If you have ever wondered what you can do about this mental busyness dilemma, or controlled frenzy as one woman described it, than Lipstick and Soul is a must read book for you.  Why?  Because Lipstick and Soul actually provides you with an alternative to the masculine power through life mindset.  Lipstick and Soul actually takes you on an experiential journey that teaches you how to develop a self-care mindset that allows you to get all that you need to get done, done while remaining in relationship?  How? By empowering the feminine using it as an inner resource to develop emotional core strength.        

Self-care practices embedded in feminine presence flourish.   Why?  Because the power of feminine presence by nature all about relationship. Therefore, why not be smart about how you take care of yourself?  Don’t reinvent the wheel, you’re undoubtedly too tired for that.  Use what is already within you, waiting to be tapped into, your authentic feminine essence.   All you have to do is create the intent to connect with the inner woman.  I’ll do the rest. 

I authored Lipstick and Soul because if you are like most women, you have a blind spot. You believe you are emotionally open and available for relationship when in truth you have a strike against you. You undoubtedly care more for the needs of others than you care for yourself!

Let’s face it! It’s difficult to nurture yourself the way you need to when you anticipate your self-care actions will undermine your relationships. Learn how it can be different!

Lipstick and Soul is available for purchase on www.amazon.com.  Don’t wait.   Renew the journey that makes the difference.  Allow your desire and efforts to create healthy relationships take hold and thrive.



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