Benefits of the

Woman’s At Home Self-Care Mini Retreat

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Elevate the Feminine

What every woman wants to know…

A couple of questions I am asked most often are:

      • What is the difference between the caretaker self and feeling like the authentic woman-self?
      • How does knowing this difference fit with and benefit my self-care priority list?

Time to Make a Difference

Different parts have different needs…

As you know, each part of you has different agendas and needs. Lipstick and Soul is all about bringing you into alignment with the needs of your authentic woman-self.

Avoid unnecessary missteps…

Once you learn to spot the various voices and tones within yourself, you avoid self-care efforts that are in vain. With the ability to refocus, you remain in control, knowing which way to go, and which self-care priority to put into practice.

No mistakes, only practice…

Learning to listen for, and to the voice of your authentic woman-self takes time. The good news is every misguided step teaches you something. From there, it’s about practice. Like having a yoga practice, you build a self-care practice.

Simple things to expect, look for…


In the chapter, there is a true story about a woman who found a way through emotional resistance to open up and align with her desire to be graceful.

By reading her story, you see how to do this. And there is so much more.

Pink Rose standing tall in the wind

How do you know if you are ready for this mini retreat?

Have you ever had the experience of thinking I’m DONE? I mean really done, at the end of your rope done?

Or possibly you face a health crisis and need to change your ways like yesterday.

Or you feel burned out like you just want to sit down and cry.

Or you are a seeker, and you intuit there is more…

Give yourself permission…

Whatever situation brings you to the crossroads of change, just know you are ready to dive into one of the most interesting and transforming adventures of your life.

Give yourself permission…

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a chance. Put yourself first and realize how good self-worth feels.

Pink Rose standing tall in the wind

What are People Saying about Joan

Joan is known for her firm, clear, yet compassionate approach to helping individuals and couples co-create possibility that leads to optimal conflict resolution and healthy relationship expansion.

Joan is especially known for teaching clients how to see and then work with the nuances associated with deep transformation.

Contact Joan Shaver

Joan can be reached at 1(310) 453-6140.     

She is available for personal/couples therapy, speaking engagements, leading and developing retreats and workshops.

Joan customizes retreats and workshop content to meet the needs of those she works with.     

Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

You Have the Power

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