At-home Lipstick and Soul
Self-Care Mini Retreat

Dear Guest,

I am excited to offer you a wonderful at-home mini retreat taken directly from the book Lipstick and Soul. I especially curated this moment for busy women who value their time and have that gnawing feeling they must reconnect with themselves … or else!


A special invitation goes to women, who apart from business, have heard or know they must soften their edge.  Yet as much as they try, they fall short of achieving their goal.


So here it is, to be successful, self-care must start with the ability to experientially and mentally differentiate between the voices of your default caretaker mindset and your woman-self.  Without this awareness and a path forward, self-care efforts are in vain.


With a creative hands-on approach, this mini retreat shows you how to distinguish between the two voices and provides you with a path forward.  Open, you access grace within.   The result?  You soften while keeping your wits, your sharp mind about you.  Sound good?


There is everything attractive about a woman who, without apology, owns her voice.  And, with confidence, she quietly, firmly speaks her mind.


Like committing to spending time at a luxurious spa, allow yourself the gift of receiving and being cared for.


Putting yourself first is a conscious choice.  Are you ready to move? Make that choice?


Can you say yes to a day in the sun?


I invite you to do so,


Journal and pencil with flower and a plant beside it

Give yourself the luxury of time.

Savor how good self-worth feels.

Enjoy your at-home mini retreat.


Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

You Have the Power

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