#7. Beauty Refresher: Make a Stand.

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Time to receive your final Beauty Refresher from Lipstick and Soul (Series, Be Beautiful). Let’s make it count. Take a moment to meditate on the quote.  Notice what gets stirred inside of you when you realize how beautiful you feel living in your own skin.  Embracing your authentic beauty, your voice as a confident, courageous woman is one of the most powerful allures associated with developing a practice of Feminine Presence.     

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# 5 Beauty Refresher: Be Fearless

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                             Be Fearless.  Be Beautiful.  Let Yourself Be Seen.                               You have an inner light.  Are you ready to open up and shine? 

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Quick Lipstick and Soul Beauty Refresher

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“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ”                                                                                                                                              – Lao Tzu – Be Kind With Yourself – Simple acts of kindness have the power to shift a sagging mood, drawn face, or dampened spirit. Why not use this wonderful natural pick-me-up to your advantage?   All it takes is a change in focus. Give to yourself what you give to others. Kind self-acknowledgement is...

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Beauty, Brains and The Power of Feminine Presence

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Move over here comes youth! Beauty and brains was my first impression when I walked into the bridal shower. What promise to see such elegant and composed young women all present to support their girlfriend as she readied to make a major life transition. She looked intelligent. At a certain point, I went into the kitchen. There stood a striking young woman with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. Kira Peikoff just looked intelligent and carried her feminine presence with ease. As it turns out, she is an author.  She writes bio-medical thrillers in between getting her Master Degree in...

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The Allure and Power of Feminine Presence:

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Three Ways to Get into Balance by Being Yourself I can still remember laying on the stretcher in the back of the ambulance. I had had a severe vertigo attack that landed me in the hospital for four days, three days before the birthday when I was going to turn it all around and start anew. I was going to give myself what I gave so freely to others, an open heart, full of compassion and understanding. The Question is, “How did this Happen?” As I lay in the hospital I wondered, how with all my professional knowledge and daily efforts to practice a balanced life I found myself in a...

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The Power of Feminine Presence, Cultivate It!

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When it comes to women and personal power one of the most overlooked emotional core resources is the power of feminine presence.  This amazing internal asset is unmatched when it come to providing you with insight, confidence and balance. Recently, I spoke with Mary, a woman facing a difficult negotiation that involved an important transition in her life. She worried about being manipulated into doing something she was not prepared to do, just yet. While discussing the situation, I asked Mary how she thought she might be manipulated if she was clear about her priorities, her stand. Want the...

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