Women’s Health and the Power of Feminine Presence

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Emotional Health Information for Women The trouble with women and relationships is that we say we want support and love, yet we are so busy talking about what we want that we often miss the opportunities to take-in the support and love when it comes our way.  Before I go any further, I ‘d like to bring men into the equation. No surprise, men also have self-esteem issues when it comes to accepting validation for who they are. It’s just that men, when questioned directly, are more likely to admit to their shortcoming. Love the idea, yet uncomfortable with the experience The truth...

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The Power of Feminine Presence

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Own The Power of Feminine Presence, Your Voice Within What do Cleopatra, Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela have in common?  These three powerful leaders embraced the feminine aspect of their nature and used it to influence the world around them. Each understood that real power lies in the authentic desire to care for the needs of others, the voice of others, as much as you care for your needs, your own voice.  Each saw inter-dependency as strength as opposed to something weak, to be feared.  Each understood that by its very nature feminine presence, when embedded in authentic relationship,...

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If the Suit Doesn’t Fit, Wear a Dress

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GIRLS DAY OUT, YEY.  My girlfriend and I were going to realize one of our New Year’s intents to indulge, once a month, in an activity that reconnects us with the feminine side of our nature.  LACMA was our destination. We were going to see the exhibit called “Journey of a Dress”.  The event is a celebration to mark the forty year anniversary of the wrap dress designed by Diane Van Furstenburg. Women on the move As we entered the main exhibit hall, we were met with an outstanding vision.  There in front of us on four white large, foot high platforms, set against a back drop...

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Relate AND Communicate!

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      Relate AND Communicate!                   When it comes to women and relationship, relationship is always top of mind.  Yet what happens when the relationship dynamic is not an active part of the communication process?  All efforts to bond are lost.  Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the difference between communicating for the sole purpose of imparting information and communicating for the purpose of creating closeness in relationship.  Today, I am focusing on communicating for the purpose of relating and creating closeness in relationship.      To build relationship...

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Woman First

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         Woman First   “I am a woman above everything else.”                                                       Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis    When it comes to the question “How do you take care of yourself?” I love the clarity of Jackie Kennedy’s quote.  With a focus on this years intent, which is to connect and give into the power of feminine presence, specifically the inner woman, I believe it helps to differentiate womanhood from childhood, adulthood, motherhood and personhood.   Recently, I have been asking the various women I meet how...

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When Vulnerability Is Strength

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     Recently, I opened the waiting room door to welcome the woman I was going to have a meeting with.  From the way she was holding herself, I could tell she was in extreme pain.  Her back had gone out.  After saying hello, I asked her if I could carry the obviously heavy bag she was wrestling with.  “No, it’s okay I’m fine” was her response.  “Are you sure?”  I countered.  “You don’t look like you are fine.  In fact, it looks like you could use a helping hand”.  Before I had finished my sentence, my colleague was half way down the hall....

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