Relationship Awareness Quiz

A quick quiz to assess the quality of the relationship awareness you have with your woman-self.

Plan for success.

The intention of the relationship awareness quiz is two-fold:

    1. To direct the focus of your attention towards the relationship you have with your woman-self by having you assess the quality of this relationship. For example, Is it open, honest? Is it strong or possibly neglected-self?
    1. To increase your relationship awareness capacity with yourself and others by illuminating the difference between being-in-relationship and doing-a-relationship.

Healthy relationships are about being-in-relationship vs. doing-a-relationship or testing a relationship.


    1. Pause.
    2. Focus within.
    3. With a curious, kind mindset ….

Check off the answer that feels right to you.

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1.    When you feel unhappy, do you:

a)    Distract yourself with shopping, busyness, work, or the problems of others.

b)    Take a moment to sit still and admit to yourself how you are feeling.

2.   When you hear feedback about yourself that is less than stellar, do you:

a)    Dismiss the comments.  Find fault with the person sharing their thoughts with you.  Change the subject. Come down hard on yourself for not being perfect

b)    Get curious.  Ask for feedback to better understand yourself. Decide if the input resonates.


3. When listening to someone struggle, how do you practice feminine presence, do you:

a)    Try to help.  Offer unsolicited advice. Tell others what to do.

b)    Pause.  Listen. Discern and decide if it’s your task to take on the issue.

4.     When coping with the anxiety associated with relationship awareness gaps/issues, do you:

a)    Stuff your feelings, twist yourself into a pretzel to keep the peace. Withdraw.  Get cold, silent

b)    Observe. Decide how you’ll address the situation.  Realize some behaviors won’t change. Let go. Leave well enough alone while remaining connected. Focus on the breath to reduce anxiety.


5.  When you are given a compliment you long to hear, do you:

a)    Shy away. Act like you didn’t hear it. Downplay the kind words to avoid feeling vulnerable.

b)    Say “Thank you.”  Bask in the delight and warmth of being seen.


Person holding a small heart shaped object to silhouette with the sun

Would you say your self-care choices come from your woman-self?

Or now that you have some relationship awareness due to the quiz would you say your self-care choices come from the needs of the caretaker, professional woman roles you engage in?

It makes a difference!

Let’s find out!

The “a” Answers

The a) answers are associated with behaviors that indicate a diminished relationship awareness with your woman-self. They are associated with self-protection.

They are also linked to the mindset of a woman in the role of caretaker, professional/consultant. This is a role where you are expected to be in charge.

The focus of care is outward. The intention answers the question, “What do others need?”

The “b” Answers

The b) answers indicate a strong bond with your woman-self. The capacity to be in tune with your woman-self-first is the primary motivation.

The focus is inward. The intent answers the question, “What do I need?”

Note: After answering the question, and with an expanded relationship awareness perspective, you may decide that what works for you is to put others first! And not because you are avoiding a necessary conflict.


The more b) answers you checked, the more you are in tune and have relationship awareness with your woman-self.

You are inner-directed as opposed to outer-directed when it comes to doing what is right for you, the woman. This is a good thing!

To understand the difference between doing and being in a relationship,

Think:   Do your makeup.  Be yourself!

Woman holding her hand over her heart

To practice feminine presence, please look to the “B” answers.

Let’s get it right.


To succeed in cultivating a woman-self-care practice, you want your self-care needs to come from your woman-self first. Otherwise, you miss the mark and remain frustrated.


Your initial focus of attention is outer, other-directed, and thus off-kilter from the start with who you are as a woman. Without relationship awareness, it is difficult to attend to the needs of your woman-self.


A successful woman-self-care practice starts with identifying/owning your woman-self needs!

Relationship awareness is an essential step in this identification process.


To practice feminine presence, look to the suggestions found in answers b).

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