Complimentary Woman-Self-Care

Journal Prompt

Write Your Heart Out™!



Purpose:  Fortify connection with your woman-self. Freedom of expression.

Prepare: Have a pen and paper.

Directions: After the last word of the prompt below, write the first thing that comes into your mind. Do not edit. Write non-stop for three minutes. Keep pen to paper.

Completion: Read your work out loud. Underline the sentence that resonates, speaks to you the most.  Save what you have written.


JOURNAL PROMPT:  She woke up inside herself to …

Pad of paper, pen, coffee, and flowers

Virtual Retreat to Ireland

You are invited to reserve your COMPLIMENTARY spot in a self-directed Lipstick and Soul Self-Care experience emanating from Ireland.  

The Theme:

Ancestors ~ Roots ~ Woman ~ Wisdom  

The purpose is to bring forth the gifts of your heritage, so they become consciously integrated into your self-care practice.


YES. A few years back, someone gave me the book Anam Cara by John O’Donohue. I was riveted when I read and then turned the first page. The author described a place in Ireland with blue skies and an ocean to match. There were boulders, rocks, lots of rocks, and of course, lush greenery. While reading, I felt my body shudder.

How does the body know?

Using my background as a sensorimotor psychotherapist, I looked for words that went with my shudder sensations that I was feeling. The words that came were: It’s home! What?

Much to my awe, I later learned my mother’s family was from Connemara, the very region described by John O’Donohue in the book Anam Cara… How did I, my body know? How did I get all this from reading about beautiful boulders and rocks the author describes as old friends?

 At that moment, I realized how important the call of our ancestors is to our present moment experience. Therefore mustn’t a self-care practice include and incorporate the gifts of our heritage? In particular, I’m thinking of cultural and family gifts as well as the land we are native to. It makes us who we are!

The Invitation

I invite you to explore

Ancestors ~ Roots ~ Woman ~ Wisdom.

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Lipstick and Soul

To build confidence in your woman-self-care capacity, the Lipstick and Soul workbook is a “must-have”.

Within the workbook, you will find a complete Write Your Heart Out™ process journey that supports the development of a confident woman-self voice.   

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Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

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