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Free Self-Care Writing Prompt for the Awakening Woman

Theme:   Sense of Purpose for the concept,”Woman First”

Prompt:  Intuitively, she knew she’d come to a fork in the road.    Would she would stop waiting for others to do what she knew deep in her heart only she could do for herself? Or? 

Suddenly the words, “Woman First”, echoed in her mind. Convicted, she felt a shiver run down her spine. She took a step onto her new path knowing ….

Exercise:  Write non-stop for five minutes. Underline your resonant sentence.  


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I realize that is has been awhile since I have given you a writing prompt.  To support the theme of unfolding the power of feminine presence, I thought I would give you a writing prompt to support your curiosity as well as help you  illuminate what is going on just beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

Your prompt

Just as she realized she was one of the women finding personal power, she…


On a blank piece of paper, write for five minutes.  Do not edit your writing. When you are done, read your writing out loud. Notice which sentence you resonate with the most. Underline this sentence. When you feel ready to write again, use this sentence as your writing prompt.

Want more?

If you are a women who integrates writing into your practice of personal development, then you will love the book Lipstick and Soul.  The book is an interactive experience that incorporates optional writing prompts to help you own the voice of your feminine presence.  The benefit of owning the voice of the feminine is that it can be used as an energetic resource to cultivate emotional core strength and self-confidence.


How do you take care of yourself?

Dreams  are invaluable. They keep your mind stimulated and curious.

Let’s find out what you might be thinking just beneath the surface of your awareness.  The Write Your Heart Out exercise below is similar to one you will find in the first chapter of Lipstick and Soul.  It is a self-discovery process that can be implemented weekly. 

Tip:  It is fun to see how your self-awareness expands over time.

The Write Your Heart Out exercise:

In a writing journal, write the prompt below at the top of the page.  Then, for three minutes, write whatever comes into your mind and heart. Write freely. Do not edit your writing. When you are done. Read what you have written to discover dreams that might be trying to break free into your conscious awareness.

Writing prompt:

The turning point came when she woke up inside herself and …     



Women and Relationship Quiz 

The purpose of the quiz is to find the quality of relationship you have with yourself.  The more in tune you are with your authentic self, the healthier you are emotionally.  Another purpose for the quiz is to help you notice the difference between doing and being. 

Healthy relationships are about being-in-relationship as opposed to doing-a-relationship, or testing-a-relationship. 

Check off the answer that feels right to you.

1.    When you feel unhappy, do you:  

a)    Distract yourself with shopping, busyness, work, or the problems of others.

b)    Take a moment to sit still and admit to yourself how you are feeling…..and then decide how you want to hold your feeling as you go about  the day.

 2.   When you hear feedback about yourself that is less than stellar (especially from someone you trust), do you: 

a)    Dismiss the comments.  Find fault with the person who is sharing their thoughts with you.  Change the subject.

b)    Get curious.  Ask for more feedback to understand the impact of your behavior on others, as well as, perhaps yourself.

 3.    To practice the power of feminine presence, do you:

 a)    Tell others what to do.

b)    Pause.  Observe.  Then, wait for the right moment to give your input.

 4.     If you are single and dating, do you:

a)    Tend to fill in the conversation gaps while on dates.   Make excuses for men who have poor follow through habits.

b)    Trust that relationship is a two way street and it is not your job, alone, to fill in conversation gaps.   Realize men are responsible for their behavior and what you see is what you get.  

If you are married, or in a serious relationship, do you:

a)    Get angry, resentful and blaming when your partner isn’t the way you want him to be.

b)    Allow yourself to feel upset.  Then, work towards accepting the limitations of who your partner is and make peace with it.  Realize you    have a choice to stay or go.  

 5.  When it comes to receiving a compliment you longed to hear, do you:

a)    Shy away and act like you didn’t hear it. Verbally downplay the kind words to avoid attracting too much attention and or feeling vulnerable.

b)    Say “Thank you.”  Fell the inner expansion.  Allow yourself a moment to bask in the warmth of kindness.  


Notice how many times you checked off the answer a) and how many times you checked off the answer b).   The a) answers are all associated with behaviors that indicate a lack of relationship with your core self.  They are in fact very much associated with defended, self­-­protective behaviors.  Answers b), on the other hand, indicate a strong bond with your authentic self.

The more b) answers you checked the more you are checked in with yourself.  You are inner directed as opposed to outer directed when it comes to doing what is right for you.  You are thus overcoming one of the challenges to women finding their voice.  

When it comes to understanding the difference between doing and being in relationship, think:

Do your makeup.  Be Yourself!   

To practice feminine presence, look to the suggestions found in answers b).

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