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I am a woman


all else.  

   – Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis

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When it comes to women and relationships, especially the one you have with yourself, it is sometimes difficult to give yourself the time you need to blossom.  Here are some thoughts on how to turn this around and thus continue your renewal process.  

Power of Presence


PAUSE  Think about giving yourself an extra moment each day to check in with yourself.   

OBSERVE  What do you notice when you take the time to be with yourself?  Maybe you unconsciously let out a breath.        

PROCESS  Like looking at yourself in the mirror one last time before you go out for the evening, practice the power of feminine presence by taking a moment now and then to notice the quality of the relationship connection you have with yourself.  With awareness comes change. Notice how gently checking in with yourself unfolds, expands, your capacity for self-awareness.      


If you have three words to describe “woman” what would they be? When it comes to women and relationships, I believe one of the most important relationships you have is with the woman within. 

After all, as Pat Shroeder once said, “When asked the question why I am running as a woman , I always answer, ‘What choice do I have?’

Combine and practice this POP  Pause Observe Process exercise with any issue you are facing. For our purposes, which is to deepen the relationship you have with yourself, POP is a helpful way to strengthen the mindful bond you are developing with your inner woman.  In other words, like you might check in with a girlfriend to see how her day is going, check in with yourself and see how you are doing.  P.S. Over the years, clients have reported back to me how easy it is to remember the simple word POP.     

Joan Shaver LMFT   

Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace.

 Ameilia Earhart

  This month, join us!  Have the courage to put your heart on the line along with your words.  As we discovered in the Girls Nite Out exploration of the theme: “The Power of Feminine Presence” emotional vulnerability is part of being in relationship.  The ability to “be-in-relationship” is one of the main tenants of owning the POWER of feminine presence.     One of the challenges of women finding their voice, their power, is that they use their power to help and fix others as opposed to opening their hearts and nourishing themselves.  Renew yourself. Start taking better care of yourself right now!    Open up inside. Allow the idea that “you matter” gently begin to take up space in your heart.  To learn more about how to take care of yourself, look at Joan’s Blog:   Getting to: “I Can Do That!”. Also, I am pleased to announce that my very first book Lipstick and Soul: Own Your Power, is set to be released the first of November.  The book is full of nourishing support and guidance on how to embrace the mystery, beauty and strength of feminine presence.  In the meantime, leave me a post if you are in need a word of encouragement. Be kind and gentle with yourself, Joan Shaver, LMFT    Be Bold   Be Beautiful   Be True to Yourself!    

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