This blog stems from a self-care email I sent asking women to reflect upon the difference between the needs of a woman and those of a caretaker.

Lipstick and Soul Summer Reflections 2023 contd.

‘I am a woman above all else.” 

~ Jacqueline Kennedy

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What is THE important detail to know about self-care?

WOMAN is your essence.

You must know the difference between the voice of your woman-self as compared to the voice, the obligations, sometime demands linked to the role of a caretaker.

Usually, without knowing, the two are comingled, which is where the issue lies.

Other than getting your nails done and checking boxes on your never-ending to-do list, you talk more about making yourself a priority than living like you matter.

The lack of action causes internal conflict.

Back to the issue at hand:
The needs of a woman? …  The needs of a caretaker?

You can’t change what you’re not aware of.

How can you care for your needs if you’re emotionally detached, unaware, or don’t spend time with the part of you that needs attention? You can’t.

You end up feeling powerless, stuck in your thoughts. You indulge. You have a full-blown midnight pity party. Unable to sleep, you wonder why everyone else gets their needs met, and you don’t.

When stress heightens, beauty fades.

Horribly, the tension lines on your face deepen. The light in your eyes dims.



Three steps of a woman focused self-care practice include:

  1. Awareness. Is the foundation of your self-care practice woman focused? Or does your priority list unconsciously cater to the needs of others?
  2. Agility. Can you easily bridge the gap between the two states of being a woman and a caretaker while emotionally pivoting between your thoughts and feelings? Therein lies the power.
  3. Power. Do you own your power? Are YOU strong enough to live like you matter?

DONE talking about self-care?

Together let’s act and own the power NOW!

Focus: First step, Awareness.

Watch the Video again.

Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

You Have the Power

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