Reduce Inner Turmoil

by interacting with the Multi-Layered self-care journey found within the book

Lipstick and Soul

You can’t change what you are not aware of!

The space of the “unknown” can stir inner turmoil, especially when you are a woman used to being in control and life has been manageable. The passage of the unknown is often linked with anxiety. The daunting gauntlet can trigger an emotional pullback. Unfortunately, there are those times in life, when whether you like it or not, you have to change. You must face the unpredictable and move forward.
During these moments of inner turmoil, the only consolation is the awareness that the passage must be traversed to get to where you need to go successfully.
As traveling companions, we are here to help.

When Embarking On a Journey, it is Essential to Prepare

“Every woman needs to know where she is in life to know where she is going and where she wants to end up.” ~ Joan Shaver, LMFT

For ease of mind, when planning a journey you must know your Starting Point and Identify the Obstacles you will face along the way.

As you proceed and challenges are met, inner turmoil is reduced.

Calm sets in.

Customizing a woman-self practice is similar. The multi-layered approach in the book Lipstick and Soul is designed to lead and guide you through the subtle gauntlets of change while providing you with support. See below.

Get it right from the start!

Again, first and foremost, to promote clarity of thought, inner turmoil must be kept at a minimum. This intent is embedded into every aspect of the Lipstick and Soul journey. The silver lining of this intention is inner ease. And, why not have as much comfort as possible as you move through the challenging gauntlet of change? Isn’t that a better idea than enduring the process? After all, we are talking about woman-self-care!

The layers in the book intended to relax inner turmoil include the following concepts:

  1. Create a self-care practice based on a feminine paradigm of change, one that nurtures the soul and inspires wisdom. Think flow vs. fight/force.

– The Feminine is naturally relational. The mindset is inclusive and receptive; therefore, relationship-oriented. Although gentle, the feminine can also be fierce. The idea is to be independent while remaining connected and in-relationship.

Fact: Inner turmoil is reduced, especially in the body, when you expand beyond the tendency to power through situations. When strictly goal-oriented, you miss the valuable nuances, the choices that make a difference in outcome. Therefore, the word, wise woman. A softer, flow approach is not a weak approach! Water can move boulders

Your Starting Point: Build awareness. Be aware that most of us, you, approach life from an analytical, thinking, goal driven perspective which is more identified with a masculine orientation. For example, you might be used to thinking, how can I fix this, or what am I going to do about that situation? To reduce inner turmoil, the Lipstick and Soul Woman Self-Care journey relies more on aligning you with the power of Feminine Presence which is more affiliated with wisdom and intuition.


  1. Connect with the woman-self.

– The needs of a woman are different than those of a woman in the role of caretaker or professional. When there is a lack of awareness or clarification between the needs of your woman-self and those of the caretaker, inner turmoil reigns. The conflict comes out in the form of confusion, frustration, and lack of satisfaction. Why be stressed out when you don’t have to be?

Fact: If you are not in a solid, loving relationship with your woman-self, it is challenging to create a self-care practice that nurtures YOU, the woman. To reduce inner turmoil brought about by conflicting needs, you must identify with the needs of your woman-self, not the roles you engage in. Otherwise, self-care priorities are created through the lens of putting the needs of others first. For our purpose, this is mixed up from the start!

Your Goal: The intent is to fortify/integrate a healthy mind-body connection with your woman-self so you can differentiate between the needs of your woman-self and those of the caretaker and other roles you engage in. Just listen to your body. You will feel the difference. Using the body as your North Star, you learn to know the felt difference between inner turmoil and calm. When you befriend your woman-self, it’s like meeting a new friend. You need to give the relationship time to evolve, to build.


  1. Identify the character/coping strategy, the blind spot.

– It is necessary to identify the blind spot that unconsciously creates inner turmoil and keeps you stuck in the role of caretaker/professional.
– We all have a default coping strategy. The key is to know what it is and how to stretch beyond it. The good news is that inner turmoil can be used as a flag to let you know you are off course and need to redirect your focus.

Fact:When you know your character/coping strategy, you realize ways to move beyond the barrier. In charge, you make choices that lead to fulfillment.

Identify obstacles: The intent is to circumvent outdated barriers, blind spots, and address current challenges associated with change. The goal is to create a path forward by actively directing mindfulness toward the needs of your woman-self. The conscious focus promotes responsive choice vs defended, edgy reaction. The difference leads to healthy mind-body integration and emotional wellbeing.

Butterfly just flying away from woman's hand

All three steps and more are integrated into the Lipstick and Soul guided journey. All you need to do is be willing to say “YES” to the path and follow along.

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Empower the Feminine!

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