One is not born,

rather becomes,

a woman.

–  Simone De Beauvoir

Wonder Of Women  

We support you to become the woman you are meant to be.   – Joan

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Feminine presence is balance in action.


“How to take care of yourself?” will remain fresh and at the forefront of your mind.                                                                                                                                

Renewal: Glam Alert 

Time to change your lipstick. According to fashion mags when it comes to shades of lipstick: this season nudes are out and reds are in.  Put some glam in your life. Take a moment to find a  shade of lipstick that makes you sparkle. 





No matter what is going on in your life whether you are going to a party or enjoying the day at home, make this day a day to remember!   When you enjoy the fireworks, realize you have the capacity to sparkle.  Whether your sparkle is soft and gentle and lights up the sky with subtlety or is beautiful and makes a bolder statement realize there is room for every woman.  The key for women and relationships is to openly and whole heartedly accept their unique gifts.  

One of the challenges to women finding their voice is often women minimize the power  of their feminine presence. They find it difficult to emotionally contain and hold onto, from the inside out, the beauty that is theirs alone. Today and for the rest of the week completely own the  power of the softer side of your nature.  Allow yourself to be the unique woman you want to be.  Begin now to build your feminine emotional core.   

Always,  Be Bold Be Beautiful and True to Yourself.


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