Complimentary Woman-Self-Care

Journal Prompt

Write Your Heart Out™!



Purpose:  Fortify connection with your woman-self. Freedom of expression.

Prepare: Have a pen and paper.

Directions: After the last word of the prompt below, write the first thing that comes into your mind. Do not edit. Write non-stop for three minutes. Keep pen to paper.

Completion: Read your work out loud. Underline the sentence that resonates, speaks to you the most.  Save what you have written.


JOURNAL PROMPT:  She woke up inside herself to …

Pad of paper, pen, coffee, and flowers

Lipstick and Soul

To build confidence in your woman-self-care capacity, the Lipstick and Soul workbook is a “must-have”.

Within the workbook, you will find a complete Write Your Heart Out™ process journey that supports the development of a confident woman-self voice.   

Lipstick and Soul book cover - Joan Shaver LMFT
Empower the Feminine!

Empower the Feminine!

You Have the Power

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